Phone Number
(250) 763-5446
Our Services

1) Lifestyles offers a full range of support services clients should expect from a strata management firm:
Collection of strata fees and other charges.
Full accounting services and reporting done MONTHLY.
Minute taking at all meetings and production and distribution to owners and residents.
Maintenance and storage of all required files and records.
Handling of all strata correspondence and administration.
And any other services agreed upon with council.

2) In addition, Lifestyles includes the following services at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE to the strata:
Normal printing of council meeting minutes, financial statements and special notices.
Routine faxes are at no charge.
Routine long distance calls are at no charge.

3) Lifestyles offers three types of services for our clients to choose from:
"Full Service" Management: This includes:
Attendance at all strata council meetings, taking of and distribution of minutes.
Preparation of all cheques for signatures based on invoices received (no cheque if no invoice).
All administration for the strata corporation.
Financials done monthly.
Anything else Lifestyles is directed to do by the council, (i.e.: getting quotes for services required).
"Financials Services" which includes:
Financials done monthly.
Preparation of all cheques for signatures based on invoices received (no cheque if no invoice).
"Adminstration Only" which includes:
Keeping owners and tenants list up to date.
Being the main contact for the strata council and forward all correspondence to the council.
Sending of "bylaw violation" letters to owners, occupants when directed to do so by council.
4) Our Service Contract - Unlike most of our competitors, we offer 2 types of management contracts, the first has an expirey date or renewal date. This is usually chosen by our newer clients. The second is self renewing and is often the contract choosen by clients that have been with us for many years.

5) No Trust Accounts Necessary - At Lifestyles we give you the choice to operate with or without Trust Accounts. By operating without one, this is not only a cost savings measure for the strata corporation, as there is no need to have the Trust accounts audited yearly, we also do not have access to your money. The strata corporation will have signing authorities designated from the strata council, and each invoice and cheque requires two signatures from two different signing authorities on council. This helps ensure the proper amounts are paid for work done and two separate eyes from council members have seen invoices and signed cheques. In this manner council is well versed as to what is happening with the money of the strata corporation.