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About Us

At Lifestyles, we have been in the strata management business since 1993 and have a reputation for integrity, excellence and innovation. Lifestyles is organized with dedicated staff to manage continued growth effectively. Our team works together with the owners to improve the services we offer. Our managers are up to date on building and industry related issues and work closely with many trades in the community.

The key to our ongoing success emanates from our blend of energy, enthusiasm and knowledge. These attributes are critical in accurate interpretation of problems and their resolutions. The physical and financial integrity of your property is our primary focus.

Because we perceive each property as unique and dynamic, we recognize the need for individually developed management plans. This concept is entrenched in our management style where modern innovative techniques are combined with your requirements to ensure the continuous well-being or your property. Our program contains your goals and objectives inter-linked with our operating philosophy and expertise.